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We're dispatching orders Mon - Fri | See delivery info here

Dabbie Dab Station: Quartz Hybrid Home E-Nail

by Dabbie
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Dabbie Dab Station is a quality home e-nail set up, with quartz hybrid dish and Titanium carb cap and dabber.

Dabbing, the craze of flash-heating tiny amounts of concentrated essential oils and plant extracts for an instant burst of powerful flavour, is sweeping the globe. Dabbie Dab Station provides everything you need to get started, except for a glass bubbler - though it works beautifully with our excellent Honey bubbler.  

Dabbie Dab Station employs quartz in its dish for maximum efficiency and flavour- because quartz is not as conductive as titanium, the heat is focused on your extracts without scorching them. The quartz glass dish is heated to your chosen temperature within 30 seconds, ready for you to drop your chosen extracts into the dish and inhale from your bubbler. A titanium carb cap allows the user to raise the air temperature in the dish and more efficiently vaporize the dab while minimizing combustion.

While premium e-nails that offer space-age technology can sell for as much as £600, Dabbie Dab Station is one of the first such units to deliver a high-quality dabbing experience at a more affordable price. Here at Vapefiend we're thrilled to be able to bring dabbing to the masses!

What's in the box
Dabbie Dab Station Version 2 (Released Jan 2020)
Quartz Hybrid Nail (Universal fit)
Titanium Carb Cap and Dabber
1 year manufacturer's warranty on unit (30 days warranty on coil)
FREE UK Shipping