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Ditanium Vaporizer

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"A real cloud factory... far more powerful than any vape I own"

Dense, milky, tasty clouds of convection vapour from herbs with the beautifully-made Ditanium Vaporizer, which also doubles as a quartz-dish e-nail for concentrates.

Extremely efficient with both small and big bowls of herb, the Ditanium's stylish bamboo housing holds some serious power. With the dial turned up to full power, my rips are thick and milky, while lower temps deliver fresher, milder hits. The vapour is nice and cool too, thanks to the supplied whip, which sports a titanium mouthpiece that fits any glass water tool with a 14mm female downstem for water-cooled vapour.

The Ditanium Vaporizer is a perfect combination of style and function, with unbeatable ease of use and solid made-in-the-USA construction that puts many other units to shame. It looks great on my coffee-table too, with a simple sense of style straight out of an Ikea catalogue!

What's in the box

Bamboo wood
Built in quartz nail
Clear coat finish
Titanium 14mm mouthpiece/ water-pipe adapter
Hands-free glass hand-piece.
LED light
Silicone Tubing
Detailed Instructions
2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty with our technical support
Our in-house technicians can solve any problems or faults right here in the UK, saving you the hassle of shipping your vape abroad if it goes wrong.