Synergy Extracts Distillate Vape Pen

by Synergy
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500mg of High Terpene 45-50% CBD Distillate per cartridge infused with Grade A range of terpene profiles.

Extremely easy to use and portable. Just remove the fully charged and already assembled vape pen from the box and inhale.

The cartridge has a polished black fully ceramic mouthpiece which feels high quality and not cheap in any way, no plastic to affect flavour or give off any unwanted fumes like most other lower cost vape cartridges on the market.

Exceptional, clean and fresh flavours and big clouds if needed. A vape pen that will satisfy the beginner or true cannabis connoisseur. Please be warned that if you have been a user of other portable Dab Pens that the DabPro will far surpass the vapour production in a matter of seconds, this precision and immediate vapour production allows from more controlled and accurate dosing, but also large doses.

DabPro is available in three flavour profiles

  • Focus: Infused with OG and Sunset Sherbet terpene profiles
  • Energise: Infused with Golden Lemons and Sour D terpene profiles
  • Tranquil: Infused with the Lavender and Blue Dream terpene profiles

    Please note we are unable to guarantee the colour of Synergy Dab Pro kits, they may come in black as pictured - or white.

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