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FlowerPot Eater Complete Bundle

by NewVape
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£ 342.76 GBP

The NewVape FlowerPot is a modular vaporizer designed for use with either herbs or concentrates, or both at the same time. Although it works beautifully with very small amounts of herbs or concentrates, it also works incredibly well as a high-dose party piece, thanks to its super-fast heat-up time and simple operation.

With Titanium components precision-made in the USA, and powered by a high-quality e-nail controller, the FlowerPot brings dabbing-style functionality to a herbal vaporizer- while also functioning beautifully as a high-end e-nail for waxes, oils and other concentrates. Simply set the unit's temperature between 600F and 700F, grind a small amount of herb and place it into the bowl of the FlowerPot main body, then cap it with the Shower Head, and inhale deeply, dropping a dab onto the Shower Head if required.

Beautifully made, and delivering a versatility and power unequalled by other devices in the same price range, the NewVape FlowerPot's simple but effective design makes for an effective and easy-to-use all-round solution for home vaping. 

This Showerhead Flowerpot Twax Bundle includes everything you'll need to get started with the FlowerPot, including a perfectly-suited tabletop glass rig.


Showerhead Twax Bundle

    • Enail unit + 20mm Coil
    • WeedEater Nut and Diffuser (3227-3228)
    • FlowerPot ShovelHead Bowl (3097)
    • Flowerpot Stand & Debowler 2.0 (3004-2.0)
    • 18mm Post (3098)
    • FlowerPot Threaded Loading Tool (3086)
    • FlowerPot Enail Handle (2943)
    • Screens
    • Flowerpot 18mm Female Glass Rig
    • Pictured Grinder Not Included

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