GHOST MV1 Vaporizer - Vape fiend

GHOST MV1 Vaporizer


£ 265.00 GBP

Features Highly efficient Cutting-edge tech Great Flavour Massive Rips Requires a little learning We stock the latest version of the MV1 wi...

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GHOST MV1 Crucible Kit - Vape fiend

GHOST MV1 Crucible Kit


£ 18.00 GBP

What's in the box3 x crucibles 3 x crucible lids 3 x concentrate pads

GHOST MV1 Crucible Dispenser - Vape fiend

GHOST MV1 Crucible Dispenser


£ 27.50 GBP

Pre-load your vape crucibles and carry them with you on the go. This handy dispenser comes with 5 easy-release storage compartments allowing you to...

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GHOST MV1 Battery Pack - Vape fiend

GHOST MV1 Battery Pack


£ 55.00 GBP

This high capacity removable battery pack provides massive power, safely and efficiently thanks to its own dedicated circuit board. 7.2v /2600mAh b...

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GHOST MV1 Fast Charger - Vape fiend

GHOST MV1 Fast Charger


£ 54.99 GBP

Charge your GHOST MV1 battery pack with the 12v/ 1.5Amp Fast Charger. Enables rapid charging of the GHOST MV1. Battery pack not included.

Ghost MV1 Cleaning Kit - Vape fiend

Ghost MV1 Cleaning Kit


£ 9.95 GBP

The Ghost MV1 Cleaning Kit includes: 3 x Stiring picks 3 x 70% isopropyl alcohol wipes 3 x cotton buds  

Ghost Glass Stems - Vape fiend

Ghost Glass Stems


£ 27.99 GBP

3 x borosilicate replacement glass stems for use with Ghost MV1