Grasshopper Parts

Grasshopper Performance Front-end - Vape fiend

Grasshopper Performance Front-end

Hopper Labs

from £ 29.99 GBP

The Performance Front-end (PFE) is an upgraded mouthpiece for your Grasshopper, reducing draw resistance by 80% and adding water pipe compatibility...

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Grasshopper Spare Battery (GHB2) - Vape fiend

Grasshopper Spare Battery (GHB2)

Hopper Labs

£ 10.00 GBP

An extra battery doubles your on-the-go runtime. This is the only battery the Grasshopper accepts, so picking up an extra one is a good idea.

Grasshopper USB Charger - Vape fiend
Save £ 5.00 GBP

Grasshopper USB Charger

Hopper Labs

£ 29.99 GBP
£ 24.99 GBP

A replacement magnetic charger for your Grasshopper Vaporizer.

Grasshopper Luxury Leather Sleeve - Vape fiend

Grasshopper Luxury Leather Sleeve

WZD Sleeves

£ 21.99 GBP

WZD sleeves are hand made in the UK from Italian leather by their artisan leather craftsman. These incredibly well made sleeves are a perfect comp...

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