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Order by 3pm Mon - Fri for Next Day Delivery


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  • Portable Solar Power Bank
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    Portable Solar Power Bank

    Original Price £20.00
    Current Price £13.00
    In Stock

    Portable Solar Power Bank with a Duel USB's to keep your vape charged on the go. Features Supports solar fast charge, safe and environmental frien...

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  • Crafty/Mighty Titanium Mouthpiece

    Crafty/Mighty Titanium Mouthpiece

    In Stock

    This Titanium mouthpiece for the Crafty and Mighty increases airflow and cools your vapour without dampening flavour, and it's indestructable too!

  • NoGoo Goo Dish

    NoGoo Goo Dish

    In Stock

    This small dish can fit in the palm of your hand is the perfect size for a variety of gooey uses.

  • Dynavap HydraVonG

    Dynavap HydraVonG

    In Stock

    At 92mm, the HydraVonG includes a 62mm Stem with a Titanium Tip. The Stem is tapered to fit 14mm adapters nicely. This device features an organic ...

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  • Silicone Travel Rig

    Silicone Travel Rig

    In Stock

    • 6.5" / 14mm male silicone water pipes• Platinum cured silicone bodies• Assorted glow-in-the-dark colors• Removable bottom for herb storage• Remov...

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