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Get up to 20% OFF selected Vaporizers This Weekend 🙌
Get up to 20% OFF selected Vaporizers This Weekend 🙌

Splinter Wooden Mouthpiece Stem

£ 34.99 GBP

"I made a few of these Milaana 2 stems back in the day that were fairly simple. Since then I have been asked numerous times to make a custom piece for a customer here or there. After having made a few in various styles, sizes, species and gotten feedback I have decided to start offering them as an option to the standard glass stem that comes with the Milaana 2.

They are 3 1/2"L with a large bore draw hole giving it significant air flow. Its been turned to 18mm male joint where it fits snug and secure within the unit. inside the male you have plenty of load capacity at 1" depth at almost 1/2"ID. Keep in mind you will be able to control air flow through your load technique. A simple flat SS filter screen is placed in the 18mm side to filter debris.

I have worked with Ryan at RBT several times and have built a relationship with him over the past few years. Some time ago we even did a custom piece for each other swapping work for work. You all may have seen em, I did a Flame Box Elder Burl WoodScents for him. I had enough so sent some for a custom Milaana 2 and Splinter which are great portable units and heavy hitters no doubt."