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  • Dabbie Dab Station: Quartz Hybrid Home E-Nail
    Dabbie Dab Station is a quality home e-nail set up, with quartz hybrid dish and quartz carb cap and dabber, and a convenient zip-up carry case so you can safely bring it with you wherever you go. Dabbing, the craze of flash-heating tiny amounts of concentrated essential oils and plant extracts for an instant burst of powerful flavour, is sweeping the globe. Dabbie Dab Station provides everything you need to get started, except for a glass bubbler - though it works beautifully with our excellent Honey bubbler. There's even £10 off if you buy them together with a drop-down adapter (crucial for protecting your bubbler from heat damage).
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  • Dabbie PRO Portable Ceramic E-Nail
    Dabbie PRO is a portable e-nail and bubbler, designed to deliver powerful dabs of extracts and vapour oils in seconds, wherever you are. An improvement on the original Dabbie, Dabbie PRO comes with both a ceramic nail for the best flavour, and a grade 2 titanium nail for faster heating and easier cleaning. Whatever your preference, either nail can be heated to dabbing temperature in well under a minute.

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  • Dr. Dabber Custom Boost Glass Recycler Attachment Made in the USA
    The Dr. Dabber Recycler Attachment is a premium upgrade from the original Boost glass Attachment. A fully functional, handblown glass percolating filtration system made in the USA that is specifically designed for the Dr. Dabber Boost eRig. Blown in Montana by our glass artist, you simply fill the unit with water, then attach the piece to your Boost eRig. This is, in our opinion, the absolute best possible way to enjoy your oils and waxes. Delivering large yet surprisingly manageable hits, these pieces are made for the connoisseur. (Limited to 100 units)
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  • EuroNail 1.2 By D-NAIL®
    Model 1.2 D-NAiL® digital vaporizer. Displays heater temperature (accurate to the degree) and can be programmed to the specific temperature of your choosing. Covered by our Two-Year Warranty. (Two year warranty does not include free replacement heater). Available in painted aluminum enclosure. These custom packages include a Silicone Carbide "SiCDish" for maximum flavour, with a v1.3 14/18mm Male nail
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  • D-NAIL® SiC HALO™ Dish
    The first electric nail designed for both conduction and convection-based vaporization. Uses flat coil heaters. Dish must be used with a nail base, and is compatible with all D-NAiL® V1 series bases, as well as the Highly Educated InfiniTi. Please note that ONLY the SiC Dish is included. Titanium base sold seperately.
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  • Pressie Heat Press
    Pressie is a true gamechanger: a small, portable mains-powered heat press that allows the user to create their own heat-pressed oils or "rosin" from herbs and extracts in minutes, and then vaporize them using the built-in e-nail function. Using an integrated micro air-pump, this pneumatic press heats twin plates up to a maximum 300 F, and presses at 1300-1500psi. Back in Stock late February
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  • Sublimator Adapt A Kit
    The Adapt-A-Dabmaster kit is a great way to sublimate using your own device.
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  • The Euro Ninja Nail™ by D-NAIL
    Transport and protect your D-NAiL®, glass, and accessories in style! The Euro Ninja Nail by D-Nail is a model 1.2 D-NAiL® digital control station built into a Peli protective case. Up to 4 Euro Ninja Nail units will fit with enough room to spare for your heaters, nails and power cords. These custom packages include a Silicone Carbide "SiCDish" for maximum flavour, with a v1.3 14/18mm Male nail
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