Silicone Containers & Mats

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  • Dabbie Silicone Pot
    A Dabbie Silicone Pot to keep your waxes and essential oils in.
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  • Dr. Dabber Honeymat Silicone Mat
    From the creators of the Dr. Dabber Ghost Pen, the new Dr. Dabber Honeymat is made of platinum grade silicone. These non-stick pads are the perfect platform for you to organize and display your waxes and oils. They are also a nice, safe station for your favorite glass piece or rig.
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  • NoGoo Deep Dish
    From the creators of the hugely successful NoGoo Silicone Storage Containers, this 20cm (8") square nonstick dish is good for all of your nonstick cooking needs.
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  • NoGoo Large Plate
    From the creators of the much loved NoGoo Silicone Storage Containers, this large plate is 20cm(8") in diameter, and is ideal for all of your nonstick cooking needs, up to 230 celcius (450 fahrenheit)
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  • NoGoo Non-Stick Fingertips
    A pack of three No Goo Non-Stick Fingertips. These nonstick fingertips are great for working with sticky materials.
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  • NoGoo Non-Stick Silicone Containers x 5
    These NoGoo nonstick silicone containers are ideal for storing oils, concentrates and small amounts of herbs safely, without any risk of the container cracking or breaking.
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  • NoGoo Silicone Water Tool
    EW silicone water pipe, indestructible, easy to clean and great for travel. Glass on Glass connection and flower bowl included. Choose from blue, white, green, pink and orange.
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  • NoGoo Small Mat
    A small 3' by 5' silicone mat to keep your glassware and dabber tools tidy.
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  • Oil Slick Pad
    Engineered specifically for concentrates, the Slick™ Pad allows you to handle the stickiest resin with ZERO waste or mess. Production and collection are a breeze with the Slick Pad. Never scrape again, nothing sticks to Oil Slick!
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  • Oil Slick Sheet
    A disposable alternative to parchment paper; the Slick™ Sheet is a laboratory grade PTFE film. Slick Sheet is 100% Resistant to Non-Polar Solvents and rated for direct, long term, solvent exposure. Slick Sheet is an ideal liner for collection vessels and evaporation dishes and has excellent heat transfer up to 500°F.
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  • Oil Slick Slab
    Protect your glass tools, and reclaim lost concentrates. Handle the stickiest extracts with ease, and never lose a dab to your table again!
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