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  • DC Clear Glass Cleaning Solution
    Clear Glass Cleaner by Dark Crystal Glass is a shockingly effective, all-natural and non-toxic glass cleaner. Simply soak your bubblers, mouthpieces, e-juice tanks and even quartz nails in Clear, and you won't believe how clean and shiny they become! After extensive research and development, working closely with cleaning experts Eco Mist Solutions Inc., Ontario glassblowers DarkCrystal Glass have come up with Clear: a non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, unscented cleaning solution for surfaces such as acrylic, metal, cotton wick and specialty glass. A cleaning product so safe, yet so powerful. By simply soaking the surface in the solution it removes stubborn stains and rinses free leaving no toxic residue. A truly natural alternative. We like that.
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  • Vipes Vape Wipes
    These individually wrapped high-quality alcohol wipes are the ideal solution for keeping your vaporizer clean and fresh, whether travelling, sharing puffs with friends, or doing your regular vape cleanup.
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  • Water Tool Cleaning Plugs
    These high quality silicone plugs make cleaning any water tool a simple task. No matter how intricate your percolaters, you can get them sparkling clean in minutes. Simply plug one end with an appropriately sized plug, then either fill with DC Clear Cleaning Solution, or pour a small amount of Ispopropyl Alcohol and about a teaspoon of salt into your water tool. Plug the other end with another plug, and shake gently for 10-15 minutes. When it all looks clean, remove the plugs and give it a thorough rinse with warm water. Your tool will be good as new! Please make sure that all alcohol is rinsed off or evaporated dry before using water tool. Please do not force the bungs too deeply into your glass as this will make them difficult to remove. Each set contains 8 plugs in 4 different sizes, they can be used either way around for different sizes and styles of water tool.
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  • Glob Mops XL
    New glob mop XL have 3x more cotton than the original v1 mops, I also added an extra 100 mops to the count. There is a total of 300 mops instead of 200 now. hope you enjoy! More cotton than the leading brand.
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