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  • Thermal Quartz Banger Nail + Carb Cap
    Double wall design to effectively vaporize puddles using a carb cap. Height: 2 inches Made of high grade quartz, can withstand heat without corroding easily.
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  • Sugar Cube XL Banger
    These 100% Quartz Bangers make it easy to turn any 14mm/10mm glass joint into a domeless concentrate nail. The 25mm XL size Sugar Bowl allows for high volume while bringing out the best flavor of your favorite oils. Spec 100% American Made quartz glass Domeless concentrate nail
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  • Quartz Banger Nail
    A new addition to our selection of concentrate accessories are Quartz Banger Nails by EasyFlow Glass. Featuring a 3mm thick walls, for a healthy balance between heat retention and fuel conservation. Available in Standard and XL
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  • Quartz Banger Carb Cap
    Carb cap made specifically for use with our Quartz bangers.
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  • Highly Educated - 14/18 DualiTi Quartz Titanium Hybrid
    New Highly Educated Titatium machined quartz accessories have come to market. The first release is the Quartz Titanium Hybrid Dualiti domeless nail created by combining a titanium H-Adapter body with the V1 quartz dish attachment.
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  • Quartz Hybrid Nail

    This universal fit titanium nail base with quartz dish is perfect for use with most flat-coil e-nails, such as the Dabbie Dab Station, D-Nail, or Pressie Heat Press. It has a universal water-tool fitting, so it can be used with 10mm, 14mm and 18mm Male and Female water-tools.

    For perfect dabs, we recommend pairing this nail with the Dabbie Dab Station Quartz Carb Cap and Dabber.

    Please Note: the screw-nut is intended to be left loose, as tightening it will cause the quartz dish to crack as the nail heats up and expands. Please leave the screw-nut slightly loose when in use.

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  • Dabbie Dab Station Quartz Carb Cap and Dabber
    A replacement quartz glass carb cap and dabber for your Dabbie Dab Station. The carb cap allows the user to raise the air temperature in the dish and efficiently evaporate your extracts while minimizing combustion.
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  • Tear Drop Carb Cap
    Tear Drop Carb Cap. Fits our standard size bangers.
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  • Quartz Dabber Carb Cap
    Quartz Dabber and Carb Cap. Fits standard size Quartz Bangers.
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  • Single Quartz VapeXNail
    VAPORIZE OILS WITH EASE. The Quartz VapeXNail™ provides a better way to consume concentrates.
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