Our Story

I'm George, but my friends call me Vapefiend!

I bought my first vaporizer in 2001, one of those old-school "Blue Meanie" units with a soldering iron inside a jam jar, then I upgraded to a Vapir ONE in 2006, quickly realised my mistake and exchanged it for a Volcano, and haven't smoked since!

I founded Vapefiend a couple of years later when I discovered that the only way to buy one of the exciting new IOLITE ORIGINAL portable vaporizers was to order from the U.S., even though it was made right next door in Ireland! I spoke to the IOLITE guys, bought a box of vaporizers and split it with some friends, then bought another when more friends got jealous, and the rest is history.

Since then I've held firm to the principles that led me to found Vapefiend in the first place:

I only sell the finest quality vaporizers and accessories: products that I've used myself and that I believe in.
I do my best to keep prices as low as possible while still delivering a high level of service.
I treat my customers as if they were my friends: if there's a problem I do whatever I can to solve it.

As time has passed, the industry has grown and Vapefiend has grown with it. We've seen huge developments in technology, meaning more and more incredible vaporizers are being released with every year that passes.

I use my own geeky obsession with these products to help me to find the newest models from all over the world and bring them to our customers. I also work with developers, feeding back what customers want and expect from vaporizers so that everyone's happy!

Although Vapefiend is no longer just me working from my spare room, I am utterly committed to delivering a personal touch. I answer your phone calls, your emails, your tweets and your facebook and forum posts!

I am involved in activism, spreading the word to smokers' groups throughout the land on why Vaporizing is the healthy choice, and donating to groups working towards law reform.

We may be fast and efficient, we may offer great prices, but we are not a supermarket! We are a small business with a global reach!

Why choose Vapefiend?

Because we sell only 100% genuine products, with no copies or counterfeits.
Because we know our vaporizers! We have used every single product we sell and can give you expert advice and support.
Because we will match any price offered by a UK company for any product we sell (price matched must include delivery and VAT).
Because we offer full warranty service on all our products, backed up by our own expert knowledge to give you unrivalled support.
Because all our packaging is discreet with no identifying marks or names.
Because we offer free delivery on all orders over £12 and pride ourselves on our fast dispatch times!
Because we are a 100% British company, VAT registered in the UK, and paying full UK taxes!
And of course... because we give you a free fridge magnet with every order!

We love what we do, and we love our customers. We're grateful to you for choosing Vapefiend, and we'd love to prove to you that you've made the right choice!

Happy Vaping