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Boundless CFV Vaporizer

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The Boundless CFV, a convection airflow aromatherapy device that allows a customizable user experience. Featuring interchangeable heat retention rings that provide different flavors and added retention of chamber heat. 

As technology progresses, so does the evolution of portable aromatherapy devices. The Boundless CFV takes the latest in convection heating technology and enables a customizable aromatherapy experience like no other.

Featuring interchangeable heat retention rings made out of African rosewood, bamboo, and quartz, the user has the option to experience a variety of flavors and effectiveness.

The Boundless CFV is a convection airflow aromatherapy device utilizing the power of heated air to create an aromatherapy experience that is tasteful and efficient.

What's Included
Boundless Loading Cap
Boundless Chamber Key
African Rosewood Heat Retention Ring
Bamboo Heat Retention Ring
Quartz Heat Retention Ring
USB Cable
Dab Tool
Cleaning Brush
Replacement Chamber Screens
Replacement Mouthpiece Screens
Replacement O Ring
User Manual
The Boundless CFV has two internal lithium 18350 batteries and are not replaceable.
Capacity: 1700mAh - One full charge can equate to 4-6 sessions.
Dimensions:100mm x 60mm x 30mm [3.9 inches x 2.4 inches x 1.2 inches]
Weight: .5 lbs
Output voltage: 7.4V
Sleep protection: four minutes with memory function.
Battery Life Indicator: Digital indicator displays the battery life on the CFV.

Memory Function: The CFV will remember the last temperature used and will heat to that setting the next time it is powered on.

One Year warranty on the product and (90) days on the battery. Boundless offers a replacement fee for internal maintenance/replacement.