Dabstorm 2.5 Digital Ceramic Dab Mod

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Product Description

Now upgraded with new 2.5 atomizer, with faster-heating bowl and improved metal retaining ring.

Dabstorm 2.5 is a high-powered dab mod designed with pure, clean flavour in mind, to deliver tasty and powerful dab hits from all kids of oils, extracts, resins and other concentrates.

Combining the power of a 50W variable wattage mini-mod battery with a fully ceramic bowl atomizer, Dabstorm 2.5's hits are bigger, cleaner and tastier. 

There are no exposed coils and no wicks - just a ceramic bowl that heats your extracts to your chosen temperature- low wattage for more flavour, high wattage for a bigger hit. Because the bowl is easily swabbed clean, and removable for deep cleaning, Dabstorm 2.5 delivers cleaner flavour and fresher hits than the smokey, harsher hits of traditional portable dab-pens.

Whatever you're vaping, the choice between an all-glass mouthpiece and a stealth black glass mouthpiece offers you no loss of flavour whether you're at home or out and about.

As if that weren't enough, Dabstorm 2.5 is compatible with all 510-threaded e-juice tanks. We're even offering a great deal for liquid vapers- add on a top quality Aspire Nautilus X tank for huge rips from liquids, and you'll get it for £5 off the normal price.

The original Dabstorm brought the clean flavour of ceramic to portable dab pens for the first time: now Dabstorm 2.5 has raised the game even further!

Dab Mod Package 
E-Juice Package (Dab Mod Package + 1 x Black or Silver Aspire Nautilus X Tank for E-Juices)

What's in the box
Dabstorm 2.0 50W Battery Mod
Dabstorm 2.5 Atomizer
All Glass Atomizer Cover & Mouthpiece
Black Ceramic Atomizer Cover & Mouthpiece
Spare Ceramic Heating Bowl
Dab Tool
2 x Travel Screen
2 x Rubber O-Ring
2 x Spare Retaining Ring
10 x Cotton Buds
90 Day Warranty
FREE UK Shipping

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