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FlowerPot Vrod Premium Bundle

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The NewVape FlowerPot is a modular vaporizer designed for use with either herbs or concentrates, or both at the same time. Although it works beautifully with very small amounts of herbs or concentrates, it also works incredibly well as a high-dose party piece, thanks to its super-fast heat-up time and simple operation.

With Titanium components precision-made in the USA, and powered by a high-quality e-nail controller, the FlowerPot brings dabbing-style functionality to a herbal vaporizer- while also functioning beautifully as a high-end e-nail for waxes, oils and other concentrates. Simply set the unit's temperature between 600F and 700F, grind a small amount of herb and place it into the bowl of the FlowerPot main body, then cap it with the Shower Head, and inhale deeply, dropping a dab onto the Shower Head if required.

Beautifully made, and delivering a versatility and power unequalled by other devices in the same price range, the NewVape FlowerPot's simple but effective design makes for an effective and easy-to-use all-round solution for home vaping.

This Essentials Kit includes everything you'll need to get started with the FlowerPot, with an option to add a water tool if you don't already own glassware.

What's in the kit

  •     Vrod Head Assembly (7003)
  •     Universal Carb Cap with Insulated Scoop Dabber (7027)
  •     Shovelhead Bowl Assembly (3097)
  •     18mm Post
  •     Titanium 3/4" Screens - 3 Pack (9231)
  •     CH Single PID Controller (9089)
  •     Enail Handle (2943)
  •     Single PID Stand (3273)
  •     Matrix 18mm Water Tool
  •     3" Arm band Grinder - Black (3076)
  •     8" NV Logo Dab Mat (9380)
  •     20mm NV Coil (9322)
  •     220v UK Plug
    FlowerPot Vrod Premium Bundle - Vapefiend UK

    FlowerPot Vrod Premium Bundle

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    United Kingdom
    I recommend this product

    If you have the disposable income, what are you waiting for?

    Note: this is a review of the Flowerpot system using the B1 head after a month and a half of ownership If you're considering this item, you've probably done your research. This is a workhorse vaporiser that will toast your bowls into oblivion at a moment's notice. Its modular design and thriving ecosystem make it one of the most versatile kits available on the market. But is it worth the money? While there are many other e-nail-based vapes available (the Pinky design by Secreagent being the cheapest DIY option for those with a 20mm e-nail), I would say the FlowerPot is probably designed with more expertise and definitely with a wider scope for expansion than most. First of all, everything from CH is beautifully packed in thick, individually labeled plastic baggies so none of the parts scratch in transit. All the machined parts were manufactured to a high standard and clearly with good tolerance as they fit perfectly. One thing I didn't realise is that you have to assemble the handle yourself by wrapping around the supplied waxy string - this is really easy and it's a rewarding task that makes your vape feel unique. The aluminium PID stand is a must-buy in my opinion if you have limited space, as you can screw in the heat post, lay the carb cap, and put down the shovelhead bowl as well as your screens on top without worrying about damaging the surface underneath. The CH carb cap (7027) is strictly for the Vrod or B2 and is not useful for speed-warming the B1 - it won't fit on top with the balls packed inside the unit as they bulge the top screen. Unfortunately the heat post's heat insulator was detached from the main body on arrival but it screws in so it can still be tightened into place and perform as expected. The user experience is good, with room for improvement. In my opinion, all Flowerpot kits should have a heat shield in the box to protect the user from hurting themselves. You can buy a stainless steel cup for cheap and drill a hole in the bottom, then a slot on the side to get the same functionality on the cheap - just screw it in with the heat post. There must be a good solution that would only cost CH a little more. The B1 head is incredible at efficiently vaping dry herb. As you might already know if you're looking at this item, Troy @ 420vapezone said he prefers the B2 due to the reduced airflow which allows for more consistent results and denser heat. Using 3mm balls in the B1 has a similar effect, except the chamber is still more open up top than that of the B2 and thus will never retain its heat as well. CH could try to redesign this in a future iteration. Maybe an upside-down funnel shape at the top of the unit? I would recommend you don't bother with 3mm balls if you're watching your wallet, they do increase the surface area of the heater but they also heat up slower. I find the 4mm balls more fun to use and the draw resistance is really almost nonexistent. Maybe I will experiment with a combination of the two in the future. There's really not much to say about the vapor quality, it's simply one of the best available at the moment. There is no taste of metal since the head is made of medical grade titanium and the coil is isolated from the airpath. Because of how densely the heat is radiated as you draw, all of the flavourful aromas are extracted, giving you the full taste profile of the blend all at once. In terms of alternatives, Halogen vapes are nice but you can't really get away without having questionable materials around the bulb - when it heats up enough, the air around it will too and at some point you could be breathing it in as you draw. The quartz Qaroma is an interesting alternative that I have not tried but it doesn't look to be as powerful as the Flowerpot because of the quartz structure - fragile too. Maybe I'm wrong. But I couldn't get my hands on one. All in all, I'm happy with my purchase. I was missing two titanium screens when I received the order but Vapefiend Adam quickly came to the rescue. I got these screens in the mail shortly. I would order from Vapefiend again and again. Having seen Vapefiend George on the Troy & Jerry podcast, I firmly believe in his mission and am happy to support however possible. What a genuine and lovely guy, I hope we see more reps that are this passionate not about the money but about what they're bringing to the community. Thank you for making some of the more the niche vapes available wherever possible, it's good to know you're buying from an established company who can deliver a quality local service instead of having to buy from overseas where you're not even sure how the logistics will work if something goes awry.

    Belgium Belgium

    FlowerPot Twax Complete Bundle

    After using several portable vaporisers over the past years, I decided to invest into a decent desktop vape. I was hesitating between two high-standard vapes, the NewVape FlowerPot and the VapeXhale Cloud EVO, but eventually went for the FlowerPot because of the limited availability of the EVO. First of all, let’s start by saying that I love the FlowerPot. It has immediately retired all of my portable vapes (including the Mighty and Fury2). The FlowerPot seems a bit complicated at first, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll discover that in fact it is a very straightforward and easy to use vaporiser. You can adjust the temperature of the e-nail, and experiment with the load size, and a suitable combination of both can produce the same vapour as any other vaporiser. But once you go to the higher range of temperatures (above 600 F), vaping becomes closer to traditional combustion methods, resulting in marvellous clouds. I went for the VROD head, which is a nice all-around head. It can be used for herbs, concentrates, and even both at the same time. I might invest in some other heads in the future, although I think the differences will be minimal. If you plan to use the FlowerPot solely for herbs, you could consider the WeedEater, but apparently the performance of the VROD is quite similar (but the WeedEater cannot be used for concentrates, making the VROD superior). For me, the FlowerPot currently feels like the ultimate vaporiser, and I don’t think any desktop will soon replace it. When you want to invest in a high quality desktop vape, definitely consider the FlowerPot! Pros: - Fast warmup - Excellent build quality, I don’t think the flowerpot will soon break - Modular design: you can add new pieces whenever you want, and when a single piece is broken there is no need to replace the whole vaporiser, just the individual piece - Very easy to clean. I always thought the mighty (in combination with the dosing cups and a WPA adapter) was already quite easy to clean, but the FlowerPot is even more straightforward to clean (even allows for quick cleaning between consecutive bowls). I haven’t tested this yet, but you could even try putting filled S&B cups in the ShovelHead Bowl, which would result in even less cleaning (but this might lead to a small degradation in performance). They seem to fit nicely :) - The complete bundle as offered by Vapefiend includes a nice collection of basic tools, more than enough to get you started - Airflow is great - The e-nail can be fully adjusted to personal preferences: from micro-dosing bowls to quite large bowls, and from low temperatures to ‘very-close-to-combustion’ temperatures. Cons: - Temperature setting is a bit tricky if you want to increase/decrease a lot. The temperature first increases/decreases very slowly, but suddenly it starts taking very large jumps (this is a minor issue, as most of the time you will be using the vaporiser in the same temperature range). - There is a learning curve, it takes a while to find your optimal settings. But again, this is only a minor issue - and once found you can really enjoy the flavour/vapor. - It takes a time for the temperature to get stable, even after performing the initial calibration. However, once stable, the temperature stays quite stable. Maybe some other controllers are faster at reaching a stable temperature, but I have no experience yet with other e-nail controllers. TL;DR: I definitely recommend the FlowerPot, would definitely buy again (I am already thinking of getting a second e-nail in the near future, probably with a different head and a dual controller) And concerning Vapefiend: Excellent service, fast and very friendly responses to e-mails, upon delivery there was a small crack in the included glass piece but the people at VF were very fast at shipping a replacement glass piece (free of charge!). Would definitely recommend buying from this supplier!

    Brendan M.
    Ireland Ireland

    Flowerpot Twax Vrod Bundle

    I have the Volcano Hybrid, Vape X Hale and recently the the Flowerpot Vrod. I like all three. For flavour I recomend the VapeXhale, for an all round vape I would recommend the Volcano Hybrid. If you want a Bong RIP experience I recomend the flowerpot. I use the flowerpot at 575 Deg F with flower and get great hits with plenty of flavour. Hotter temps will cause me to cough. It's quite efficient on material an makes it very good for session vaping or on demand vaping. Using the carb cap enhances the vapour without increasing the temperature. The use of the glass bowl improves flavour further and generally good for on demand vaping as it will work with small quantities of herb. Caution; these glass bowls are very fragile, dont rest the Vrod heater on the glass bowl without holding the handle, otherwise it will break. I broke one all ready. I would like to thank Vapefiend for speedy delivery and fuss free service.

    Daniel O.


    First and foremost, what a product. Compared to the Ghost MV-1 which I was using, this blows it out of the water. A little pricey for what it essentially is but nevertheless well worth the investment. Secondly, the service from this company is second to none. Although there was a faulty piece when I received it, they managed to fix it the same day (luckily I live close by). I couldn’t recommend this company enough. Thanks again gents.

    United Kingdom United Kingdom


    big bangs . excellent


    It does get better!

    A couple of years ago I made my first vape purchase here when the Cloud Evo launched and have returned to buy various bits for it, I didn't think my vaping experience could get any better. I bought the FlowerPot recently and from the start I was really pleased with the quality of the components everything made to a high quality with certificates to show it has passed inspection. Comparing with the Cloud Evo, I have less parts to clean that's the best part. Having a screen instead of a basket is so much better, cheaper to replace and again much easier to clean. Another great thing is that I can just replace any broken part rather than having to send the whole unit in for repairs like a certain bamboo! The scoop is an excellent tool for vaping especially if you are more concious about microdosing! As usual the service at Vapefiend is top notch, everything was well packaged and delivered quickly. I can buy safely in the knowledge that my product is supported by a reputable distributor that always has the time to answer my questions and provide an excellent level of aftercare. Thanks to all at VF!


    Thanks again vapefiend

    :)))))) but seriously what's next ? ( :))


    Next level

    I just wanted to say thank you VapeFiend for your help when I called and for your quick service and delivery. The Showerhead is next level, it is so much stronger than my Solo2 which in turn eclipsed my Pax. The effect is not unlike hitting a bong! Very impressed, I would highly recommend this to anyone, especially those who feel that vaping doesn’t hit like smoking used to.