GoStash Lockable Smell Proof Case

£ 49.99 GBP

GoStash from StashLogix is an odour-controlled, lockable and customizable carry case that offers a new level of protection for your vaporizers, herbs, concentrates and other accessories. 

Designed with today's travelling vaporist in mind, GoStash comes equipped with adjustable velcro dividers, pockets, straps, an active carbon OdorPax to keep smells inside the case, and a combination lock to keep prying eyes out. GopStash is ideal for those days when you have to leave your beloved goodies in your hotel room or airBnB, or even just to keep them safe from children and pets in your own home.

In either stealthy black, or stylish hemp, GoStash is not only practical- it also looks great! Here at Vapefiend we were very impressed with this solve-all solution for the vaporist with itchy feet or a security-conscious mind.

Latch your GoStash to anything else you might be carrying or stash it solo - it's your everyday carry.

Combination Lock
Customizable Padded Dividers
1 OdorPax