High Efficiency Water Pipe Adapter (PVHEGonG) For Arizer Air/Solo-14mm Standard

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Product Description
PVHEGonG Features:
same bowl size as a standard stem
micro channel technology
multiple air entry points

Turbo Option
Large Single Bore with a glass rim to hold the required screen
micro channel technology
multiple air entry points

1 x PVHEGonG of your choice
1 x Custom Solo Stainless Steel screen

Grind your flowers to a medium - fine consistency.
Fill the bowl on your PVHEGonG, packing lightly.
Holding your Solo upside down, insert the PVHEGonG Stem all the way in and then insert the GonG into your water tool.
Turn your Solo on and heat to your desired temperature with PVHEGonG inserted.
Once Solo reaches your selected temperature wait an extra 45 seconds to heat soak your flowers' biomass and PVHEGonG.
Take a nice long slow inhalation.
Wait 30 seconds between hits to allow your Solo to stabilize.
Due to much less air flow resistance of the PVHEGonG, inhale slowly.
Raise the temperature for the last few hits to get the full spectrum from your flowers.
Bowl is spent when there is no more vapor production.

Please note: Glass is breakable, please use with care.