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Mini Wooden Box E-Nail

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This super-small mains-powered wood-effect E-Nail kit offers a great low-cost package with everything you need to start dabbing. The PID control unit is located in an attractive beech wood housing. The compact size (only 8cm x 7.8cm x 6cm) ia smaller than any other mains-powered E-nail we've seen.

The unit is supplied with two differen coil and banger set-ups included:

1. A 25mm base-surround coil, designed to wrap around the base of the included banger, a 25mm quartz flat-top banger with clippable base, to keep everything in place. This heating coil heats from the sides and from the base.

2. A 20mm barrel coil, designed to heat the ouside edges of the included 20mm banger with coil cable hook.

Both bangers has a 14.4mm male joint, so can be used with any bubbler with a female 14.4mm downstem, like the Lil Rippa, the Honey, or The Bubble.

The unit is very easy to use: Simply set the desired temperature in fahrenheit, using the up/down arrow buttons, and wait a few seconds, for the coil to heat your banger to the correct temperature. Then drop in your concentrates and inhale through your chosen water tool.

What's in the box
  •     PID Control unit
  •     UK Power cord
  •     25mm base-surround coil
  •     20mm barrel coil
  •     25mm Quartz banger with base clip fitting
  •     20mm Quartz banger with coil cable hook
  •     Banger base clip
  •     2 x silicone containers
  •     1 x silicone dab mat
  •     1 x zip-up carry case

Not included
  •    Water tool
  •    Carb Cap