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(COVID-19) Our warehouse is open - Read More

Muad-Dib Concentrate Box

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The Muad-Dib that we sell is the new version, with removable trench and brass bowl insert for easy cleaning. Please note: The Muad-Dib Concentrate Box is not for use with dry herbal material or pressed resins. The Muad-Dib is designed specifically for use with Kava Vapour Oil and similar oils or waxy concentrates ONLY.

From the same creative mind of the man behind the beautifully simple engineering of the Magic Flight Launch Box, the Muad-Dib Concentrate Box is a truly revolutionary device for vaporizing oils and waxy concentrates. It delivers powerful, pure and astonishingly tasty hits within seconds, and is only the size of a matchbox!

The Muad-Dib Concentrate Box contains everything you need to easily, quickly, and safely vaporize concentrates, oils, and herbal extracts, so there is no need for clumsy nail-based rigs, nor for dangerous blowtorches. Using the same simple patented technology that made the Magic Flight Launch Box famous, the Muad-Dib sports a reimagined screen design that reaches 480°C (900°F) in just three seconds. Although it uses the same Glyph batteries as the Launch Box, the Muad-Dib's clever engineering drastically improves on battery life, allowing you to take 50+ dabs on a single charge. A tiny, pin head sized dab of Kava Vapour Oil is all you need for a sensational experience. 

With a nod to the steampunk roots that gave the Muad-Dib its name, this stunning device looks unlike any other vaporizer on earth. The new lid features a brushed brass face, four snick locks and an optical grade glass lens. Each box is hand finished by skilled wood artisans, available in maple (coloured black with non-toxic Indian Ink) and Walnut. The Muad-Dib's trench is removable and replaceable, and the box comes with a brass bowl insert that sits behind the trench, making cleaning super easy.

Due to the high heat produced by this Box, a 1.5 ft draw whip is included in place of a draw stem to help cool the vapor stream. The Muad-Dib can also be used with the Magic Flight Water Pipe Whip and the Magic Flight Power Adapter 2.0, and runs off Magic Flight Glyph Batteries (two included).

WARNING: This product has been carefully designed for use with legal kava based extracts and oil concentrates. Use with any other substance, such as e-liquid, may be harmful.

What's in the box
1 Muad-Dib Concentrate Box vaporizer
1 inhalation whip (45 cm / 1.5 ft)
2 rechargeable NiMH 'Glyph' AA-batteries
2 battery end protection caps
1 battery charger (+UK plug adapter)
1 instruction manual
1 storage tin
1 replacement screen
1 loading spoon
Lifetime Guarantee