Pressie Heat Press

by Pressie
£ 299.00 GBP

Pressie is a small, portable mains-powered heat press that allows the user to create their own heat-pressed oils from herbs and extracts in minutes. Using an integrated micro air-pump, this pneumatic press heats twin plates up to a maximum 300 F, and presses at 1300-1500psi.

Pressie is extremely simple to use, and is capable of producing very high quality extracts without any need for an external air compressor or a larger heavyweight press.

PRESSIE features
Heat press style: Pneumatic
Dual heating plate
Temperature range : Room tempertaure - 300º F
Pressure: 1300 to 1500psi
Voltage: 85 - 260Volts / 50 – 60Hz
Built-in spare fuse
PRESSIE Dimensions: 270mm x 120mm x 240mm
PRESSIE Heat Plate Dimensions: 60mm x 60mm x 12mm
Approx. shipping weight: 5.5kg
1 year limited warranty