Splinter Vaporizer

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Big rips, and clouds to match! The beautiful handmade Splinter pumps out overwhelming flavour from dry herbs, all powered by a standard Mod battery.

At last- what vapers have been looking for. A herbal vaporizer “tank” that can be screwed into any Mod and that delivers powerful and incredibly tasty rips of herbal vapour at the touch of a button. The Splinter is also incredibly efficient, as its pure convection heat system means the herbs are only heated when you push the button- so no wasted goodness!

The Splinter is handmade by RastaBuddhaTao, the creator of the beloved Milaana Vaporizer, with a hand-carved American Walnut wooden body that lends a natural and high-quality feel to this high-tech vaporizer. The purity of the vapour is enhanced thanks to the glass chamber, which features an 18mm German ground glass fitting and an all-glass mouthpiece.

Whether I’ve got it plugged into a big powerful Reuleaux mod for all-day vaping, or my little Dabstorm 2.0 mod for quick hits, the Splinter has never let me down. It’s super easy to use, easy to clean, and even easy to empty and reload on the go. There’s no learning involved and no bells or whistles, yet the vaping experience is honestly second to none! For newbies and seasoned vaporists, the Splinter really is something special.

STANDARD FLOW: For normal users. Two airflow holes, for thicker clouds and more efficiency when used with mouthpieces.

HIGH FLOW: For heavy hitters. Four airflow holes, for slightly cooler vapour through mouthpieces, and bigger rips when used with water tools.


1. Splinter should only be used on variable wattage mods, at settings below 45W. Temp Control modes are not compatible with Splinter.

2. The Splinter's mouthpiece fitting is NOT a standard 18.8mm male size. Using standard adapters puts undue pressure on the glass heater cover and can cause breakage. Only use Splinter-specific adapters and mouthpieces.

1 Year Warranty, not including internal glass.

Screws right on to your existing Mod battery
Unbeatable flavour
Massive rips

Requires a Mod battery
No real temp control- other than the mod’s wattage or voltage control
Can be hot and dry without cooling mouthpiece

What's in the box
1 x Splinter Vaporizer in Walnut
1 x Glass Mouthpiece
1 x Pack of Screens
1 x Mixing Stick
Battery Mod Sold Separately

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