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Sublimator 3" Master Glass Kit

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Product Description

Often called "The World's Most Powerful Vaporizer," the Sublimator is not for the faint hearted! Designed to fully extract all essential active oils from your herbs and concentrates, and then "gasify" them for maximum impact, the Sublimator is especially versatile as it can be used with herbs, resins and concentrates either separately, or in any combination, making it the ultimate party piece.

Seriously high end, the Sublimator Master Glass Kit is a perfect marriage of machined stainless steel, a titanium Dabmaster heating element, and glass- delivering an extremely potent hit, without losing flavour. Our Master Kits also include a Sub Cage for added safety- this stainless steel cage surround the heating element for added safety. The Dabmaster heating device's hybrid design makes it great for all flower, solid bio-organics and concentrate usage.

What's in the box
Stainless Steel Base with Oil Catcher 
3” Glass Tube
Stainless Steel Cap
Whip with Stainless Steel Tips
Titanium Dabmaster
14-18mm Stainless Steel Atomizer
Stainless Steel Stand
Stainless Steel Screen Set (2x)
Cleaning Tool
Monkey Controller
Power Supply with UK Plug