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The Brilliant Cut Grinder

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A uniform and fluffy fine grind for the perfect grind every time

    Designed to grind your herb gently to ensure all the qualities of your herbs stay intact
    Herb stays fluffy and airy because the Brilliant Cut Grinder does not pack or crush your herb
    A uniform, fluffy grind ensures that your herb vaporizes and burns evenly

Effortless, Jam-Free Grinding

    The new patent-pending grinder design eliminates jamming and produces an incredibly smooth and quick grinding experience
    The required force to grind is much lower than other grinders
    No other grinder can match its ease of use

Full Coverage Grinding. Nothing is Left Behind

    The self-cleaning drill tip between the magnet interface eliminates herb from getting stuck in the middle
    The additional set of teeth on the outer edge ensures every bit of herb is ground and not crushed
    The tooth design and hole pattern has been optimized to produce a uniform grind with fast flow through

Quickly and Easily Access Your Ground Herb

    The patent-pending quick connect mechanism allows you to access your herb within a second and then it automatically closes when you’re done
    All connections are magnetic and use the highest quality neodymium magnets

Iconic Brilliant Cut Design on both the top and bottom

    We take the extra time to make every surface beautiful
    Using the latest CNC technology we have achieved a unique look and a superb surface finish

Designed and Proudly Manufactured in Vancouver, Canada

    Quality is extremely important to us and every grinder is individually inspected to meet the highest quality standards
    We guarantee that every grinder is free of manufacturing defects
    We only use food-grade materials


    Diameter: 2.2 inches / 55.9 millimeters
    Height: 1.71 inches / 43.5 millimeters
    Weight: 5.35 ounces / 151.5 grams
    Material: 7075 Aluminium

The Brilliant Cut Grinder - Vapefiend UK

The Brilliant Cut Grinder


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