Vaponic Plus Vaporizer

by Vaponic
£ 69.99 GBP

Vaponic Plus is a torch-powered portable vaporizer designed with versatility and minimal ecological footprint in mind. For the conscious vaporist with an eye for the aesthetically pleasing, the Vaponic Plus is a surprisingly effective portable solution to vaporizing herbs, resins and concentrates with no need for batteries or mains power.

Stored in a wooden transport case that keeps your fingers free of burns and your glassware safe and sound, the Vaponic Plus can be heated within seconds using a mini torch lighter like our Honest Micro. 

Highly efficient, the Vaponic Plus requires only a tiny amount of herbs, resin or concentrates to deliver numerous tasty hits. Retaining heat for longer than similar vaporizers, the Vaponic Plus can actually be passed around a group- unlike many torch vapes. What's more, as all internal parts are glass, with stainless steel screen and silicone plug, it is extremely easy to clean and maintain.

At Vapefiend we were honestly surprised by the attention to detail and careful thought that has gone into this device. It really has to be used to be believed. After only a couple of tries, the Vaponic Plus's technique can easily be mastered, making it the ideal travel solution for all situations and all vaping materials.

What's in the box
Vaponic Plus
3 x Screens
Stirring and cleaning tool
2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty