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Volcano Digit Vaporizer

£ 379.00 GBP

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It's hard to top the Volcano Classic, but this just about does it. With a far more accurate digital temperature control the user can pinpoint the vaporization temperature for different types of herbs and oils and determine the concentration and amount of vapour produced. In addition, the Volcano Digit has an auto-shutdown after 30 minutes of inactivity, and still all the versatility and precision construction of the Volcano Classic.

The vapour is collected in plastic balloons which are sealed with a choice of ingenious valve systems, allowing you to carry them around with you and pass them between people.

The Volcano is perhaps the most tested vaporizer on the market, meticulously constructed in Germany to the highest possible food safety standards. Medical approval for the use of the Volcano Vaporizer is currently being sought.

All Volcano Vaporizers come with spare gauzes and other parts, a cleaning brush, a Volcano brand herb grinder, replacement vapour balloons, and your choice of Valve System.

The Volcano models that VapeFiend supply are fitted with a UK plug. Power specs are as follows: 220-240V 50-60Hz 120W

As the Volcano models that we sell are European models, they are not suitable for use in countries where standard voltage is 110-120v. Therefore we strongly advise customers from North America to buy a 110v Volcano model direct from the manufacturers by clicking on the banner below. If you do purchase a European model, you will need a Step Up Voltage Transformer (see the VT200 here). The manufacturers warn against use of such transformers for safety reasons, and will not pay for shipping to Europe should your device require servicing. 

Valve Systems
The Solid Valve System is a more economical and versatile option, allowing the user to determine the size of each balloon and attach them to the hard-wearing and easily cleaned Solid Valve.

The Easy Valve is a no-hassle option, where the user buys disposable balloons with valves already attached, eliminating the need for cleaning. will shortly be stocking replacement balloons for both valve systems.

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