Water Pipe Adapter Arizer Air/Solo/Air 2/Solo 2

£ 25.00 GBP

These custom made Ground Glass on Glass Adapter are very strong and can easily support the weight of your Solo, Air, Solo 2 and Air 2  and are made in Canada with borosilicate glass and high quality ground glass joints.

Available in 14mm and 18mm carbed and non-carbed versions. Please note that the carbed version does not fit our F-Bomb Bubbler or Bubdget Bubbler.

All versions include roll stops which also act as finger grips to pull the adapter out together with the Solo.


Grind your flowers to a medium - fine consistency, recommended to use our Volcano Grinder
Fill the bowl on your Solo/Air Ground Glass on Glass (GonG) Adapter all the way and very very lightly pack a bit
Holding your Solo upside down, insert the Solo/Air GonG Adapter all the way in and then turn the Solo the right way up
Turn your Solo on and heat to your desired temperature with Solo/Air GonG Adapter inserted during warm up
Once Solo/Air reaches your selected temperature wait an extra 45 seconds to heat soak your biomass and Solo GonG Adapter
Insert GonG end of adapter into your female water tool joint, or use the GonG joint on the adapter as a mouthpiece
Take a nice long slow inhalation
Wait 30 seconds between hits to allow your Solo/Air to stabilize
Resist the urge to inhale too fast or hard, overwhelming the Solo/Air's heater
You can raise the temperature for the last few hits to get the full spectrum from your flowers
Bowl is spent when there is no more vapor production
Always empty spent bowl while it is still at its hottest, a cool bowl is much harder to empty cleanly