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  • D-NAIL ® Ohm Caddy
    Use for cool down on nails and heat up on the D-NAiL® "Lotus" Flower Adapter.
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  • D-Nail 220v Flat Coil Heater
    D-Nail 220v Flat Coil Heater
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  • D-Nail Sapphire Dish
    They call it the ultimate- D-Nail's super-rare Sapphire Dish is quite simply the connoisseur's choice when it comes to dabbing. There is NO WARRANTY on Sapphire Dishes. Take extreme care. Made of chemically pure lab-grown sapphire, this dish transmits heat better than titanium, and delivers flavour unlike quartz, ceramic, the SIC dish, pretty much any surface known to man. Delivering even temperatures across the dish surface, the Sapphire dish means more even vaporization. Tolerant of temperatures exceeding 3500°F.
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  • D-NAIL® Quartz HALO™
    A new take on the highly successful design of The SiC HALO™ made with machined quartz. This is the first nail to feature the new D-NAiL® Wik™ Surface. Previously seen only on our sapphire inserts, the Wik™ surface is a texture that distributes your essential oil around the dish surface. This results in faster, more even vaporization and eliminates the need to season the dish. Completely interchangeable with The SiC HALO™ - uses all the same bases, carb caps, inserts, and other accessories!
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  • D-NAIL® SiC HALO™ Dish + Slim Series Base
    The first electric nail designed for both conduction and convection-based vaporization. Uses flat coil heaters. Dish must be used with a nail base, and is compatible with all D-NAiL® V1 series bases, as well as the Highly Educated InfiniTi.
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