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  • Cleaner No.1
    Cleaner No.1 is the non-toxic, 100 % biological cleaner for vaporizers, grinders and water pipes.
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  • Dabstar Atomizer & Mouthpiece
    A replacement atomizer and mouthpiece for your Dabstar Pen.
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  • Dabstar Atomizer for Glass Attachment
    A replacement atomizer for your Dabstar Glass Attachment.
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  • Dabstar Glass Attachment
    Glass Wax Attatchement for your Dabstar Variable Voltage Dab Pen.
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  • Dabstar Variable Voltage Battery
    A replacement or spare battery for your Dabstorm.

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  • Dabstorm Big Boy Battery
    Optional accessory for the true die hard vaporizer fans: the Big Boy battery. This supercharged version (2400 mAh) of the regular battery not only lasts longer, but makes your Dabstorm even more powerful with a variable voltage range of 2.9 V (3 W) to 6.8 V (30 W). Note: When using the ceramic rod atomizer we recommend setting the atomizer no higher than 15w, in order to prevent damage to the Dabstorm atomizer.
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  • Dust Buds Mouthpiece Caps
    Dust Buds are silicone rubber mouthpiece caps, designed to fit a range of e-cigs and vaporizers. They fit all standard clearomizers and liquid tanks, and also fit Dabstorm, Dr Dabber and Linx dab pens. Dust Buds keep dust and other debris from getting into your mouthpiece and keep your extracts and liquids clean and pure.
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  • Leather Vaporizer Sleeve
    WZD sleeves are hand made in the UK from Italian leather by their artisan leather craftsman. These incredibly well made sleeves are a perfect companion for your Grasshopper, Dabstorm, CLK or other pen shaped vaporizers.
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  • Ultimate Vape Tool
    The Ultimate Vape Tool is the result of a painstaking research and development process (involving our own George Vapefiend picking herb out of his grinder) to deliver a tool fit for a multitude of vaporist's needs.
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  • Vipes Vape Wipes
    These individually wrapped high-quality alcohol wipes are the ideal solution for keeping your vaporizer clean and fresh, whether travelling, sharing puffs with friends, or doing your regular vape cleanup.
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