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  • Leather Vaporizer Sleeve
    WZD sleeves are hand made in the UK from Italian leather by their artisan leather craftsman. These incredibly well made sleeves are a perfect companion for your Grasshopper, Dabstorm, CLK or other pen shaped vaporizers.
  • Dabstorm 2.0 Glass Water Tool
    Dabstorm 2.0 Glass Water Tool
  • Grasshopper Luxury Leather Sleeve
    WZD sleeves are hand made in the UK from Italian leather by their artisan leather craftsman. These incredibly well made sleeves are a perfect companion for your Grasshopper or other pen shaped vaporizers.
  • Dabstorm 2.1 Atomizer
    The power and flavour from Dabstorm 2.1's fully enclosed ceramic heating bowl is something that has to be tried to be believed! This new and improved atomizer features a removable and replaceable ceramic heating bowl that heats your oils, waxes, resins and extracts more evenly for super-smooth hits, and an improved retaining ring that holds the bowl in place more firmly than the previous model.
  • Dabstorm 2.0 Battery Mod
    The awesome Dabstorm 2.0 Battery Mod delivers great verstility for powerful vapour hits whether you're using the Dabstorm 2.0 atomizer or your own choice of liquid tank. With 5-50 Variable Wattage control and 1500mAh power you'll never feel unsatisfied!
  • Dabstorm 2.0 Glass Mouthpiece
    A replacement borosilicate glass cover and mouthpiece for your Dabstorm 2.0.
  • Dabstorm 2.0 Stealth Mouthpiece
    A replacement black ceramic cover and mouthpiece for your Dabstorm 2.0.
  • Dabstorm 2.0 Ceramic Heating Bowl
    A replacement ceramic heating bowl for your Dabstorm 2.0. This is not compatible with the Dabstorm pen. If used between 20-30w, and only heated when oil is in the bowl, this should last some time. But if they burn out, or get too dirty to clean, it is easily replaced.
  • Dabstorm 2.0 Retaining Ring x2

    The easiest bit of Dabstorm 2.0 to lose! This ceramic retaining ring holds your heating bowl in place and allows it to make contact with the atomizer.

    Choose your ring by atomizer model no., displayed on the base of the atomizer, around the screw-threading.

    2.0 Ring: the original ring for use only with Dabstorm 2.0 Atomizer (left)

    2.1 Ring: the new, improved ring for use only with Dabstorm 2.1 Atomizer (right)

  • Dabstorm 2.0 Atomizer O-Rings x2
    A set of replacement O-Rings for your Dabstorm 2.0 Atomizer
  • Aspire Nautilus X Coils (x5)
    A set of 5 replacement coils for your Aspire Nautilus X Tank.
  • Dabstorm All Glass Mouthpiece
    A replacement or spare Dabstorm All Glass Mouthiece.
  • Dabstorm Big Boy Battery
    Optional accessory for the true die hard vaporizer fans: the Big Boy battery. This supercharged version (2400 mAh) of the regular battery not only lasts longer, but makes your Dabstorm even more powerful with a variable voltage range of 2.9 V (3 W) to 6.8 V (30 W). Note: When using the ceramic rod atomizer we recommend setting the atomizer no higher than 15w, in order to prevent damage to the Dabstorm atomizer.
  • Dabstorm Carry Case
    This sturdy and compact Storm Carry Case is small enough to fit in your jacket pocket, but has plenty of room to keep your Dabstor, accessories and spare batteries safe and sound.
  • Dabstorm Ceramic Donut Atomizer
    This revolutionary new all-ceramic donut atomizer has no exposed coils, just a flat ceramic heat plate, for the cleanest flavour and freshest hits.
  • Dabstorm Ceramic Rod Atomizer
    This ceramic rod and titanium wire coil, is a real improvement on standard wick and coil atomizers, and delivers a higher temperature experience than the Dabstorm Ceramic Donut Atomizer: thicker clouds and more powerful hits with truly great flavour.
  • Dabstorm Charger
    A replacement or Spare Charger for your Dabstorm.
  • Dabstorm Glass Tipped Mouthpiece
    A replacement or spare Dabstorm Glass Tipped Mouthiece.
  • Dabstorm Liquid Tank
    Dabtrom Cleromizer Tank with Adjustable Airflow
  • Dabstorm Variable Voltage Battery
    A spare standard variable voltage battery for the Dabstorm.
  • Dust Buds Mouthpiece Caps
    Dust Buds are silicone rubber mouthpiece caps, designed to fit a range of e-cigs and vaporizers. They fit all standard clearomizers and liquid tanks, and also fit Dabstorm, Dr Dabber and Linx dab pens. Dust Buds keep dust and other debris from getting into your mouthpiece and keep your extracts and liquids clean and pure.
  • Clearance Dabstorm 2.0 Atomizer

    This original model Dabstorm 2.0 Atomizer works great- but we improved the design recently, so we have reduced this old stock to clear. The improved, "2.1" edition is available here.

    Regular Price: £29.99

    Special Price £9.99

  • Aspire Nautilus X Liquid Tank
    The Nautilus X Liquid Tank from Aspire is a beast when it comes to liquid vaping. Specially designed to provide a premium vaping experience with increased flavor, and unique U-Tech coil technology for all-new airflow performance, this is the future of micro tanks. This little cloud machine has already transformed the way vapers experience flavor and hassle-free day-to-day usability. It also works beautifully with the Dabstorm 2.0 Battery Mod.