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  • Puffco Plus Battery
    Flavor is optimized through temperature control on the Puffco Plus battery. Three distinct heat levels provide a personalized experience. Green is Low, Blue is Medium, White is High. Toggle between the modes with the silicone button and updated LEDs.
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  • Puffco Plus Chamber
    A larger all-ceramic chamber means less time reloading and more time puffing. The Plus chamber contains no glues or exposed metals. Puffco’s new chamber has been engineered to optimize capacity and flavor. Great taste is guaranteed. **ONLY FOR USE WITH PUFFCO+ BATTERY**
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  • Puffco Plus Dart Pack
    The Puffco Dart was designed for durability and with regular cleaning you'll have no trouble getting months of usage out of your Dart. But replacing Darts has never been easier with our 3-pack ensuring you are getting premium, unadulterated flavor every puff, every pass.
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  • Puffco Plus Grips
    The Puffco Plus Grips were designed to add style and comfort to your Puffco Plus experience. Made from durable silicon, these 4 Limited Edition Color options allow you to customize your Puffco Plus for every sesh and every pass. All four colors in one package. 4 Limited Edition Colors Black Ocean Blue Scarlet Sugar Cookie
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  • Puffco Plus Mouthpiece
    Mouthpiece and splash guard for use with the Puffco Plus.
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  • Puffco Prism
    The Puffco Prism is our revolutionary wax container that we designed specifically to fit the needs of today’s concentrate connoisseur. Simply use the dart to remove a pre-measured dose from the Prism and secure your mouthpiece. Over and under filling is a thing of the past. We’ve given you the perfect way to load your device without delay. Created by our team of in-house engineers and crafted from Platinum-cured Silicone, The Puffco Prism holds the ideal amount of wax concentrate in each pocket while also doubling as a convenient holster for the Plus chamber. It’s the new standard for proper and effective dosing on the go. Pack your Puffco Plus on the move or in a crowd; The Puffco Prism does the work for you.
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  • Puffco Pro 2 Coil
    This coil based atomizer features a large capacity tapered bowl which eliminates waste and assists with cleaning. A special ceramic blend is utilized to enhance vapor production. No Glues, No Plastics, No Fibers
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  • Puffco Supercharger
    The Puffco SuperCharger was redesigned specifically with our heavy users in mind. Now the Puffco Plus battery can be fully charged in under 35 minutes! **Standard 510 threading**
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