Ascent Parts

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  • Black Wooden Mouthpiece for DaVinci Ascent
    This beautiful hand-carved mouthpiece set for your DaVinci Ascent is fashioned out of stunning blackwood, handmade by the famous Ed of Ed's TNT, who also makes our hugely popular Arizer Solo Wooden Stems.
  • Cleaner No.1
    Cleaner No.1 is the non-toxic, 100 % biological cleaner for vaporizers, grinders and water pipes.
  • Flat Head Keychain Dabber/Stiring Tool
    A high-quality stainless steel keychain dabber tool with a 10mm long flathead blade. Now you need never be caught short without a dabber tool! Ideal for loading pens, nails or Dabbie!
  • Grinder
    This famous orange herb grinder from Volcano and Crafty creators Storz-Bickel is the only grinder designed specifically for use with vaporizers.
  • Smell Safe Carry Case
    This hard-wearing, protective carry case manufactured by Ryot is the ideal carry case for your Arizer Solo, Crafty, DaVinci Ascent, Pinnacle Pro or Inhalater 05 Vaporizer. This case is much better than the heavy, bulky "vape case" currently available. We're proud to be the only stockist in the UK supplying it.
  • Smell Safe NoGoo Piper Case
    The RYOT® Piper now features both SmellSafe™ and NoGoo® technologies! When combined with the thicker upgraded memory style foam, this fresh take on a RYOT® classic has become one of the most versatile options on the market. Its sizing is perfect for your favorite hand piece or small bubbler, plus its integrated platinum NoGoo® silicone surface makes the perfect resting place for any accessories you’d like to keep in tow! RYOT® SmellSafe™ - is an activated carbon absorption technology where microscopic charcoal particles are fused together to create an odor protective barrier, blocking unwanted odors from escaping. Combined with our SmellSafe™ moisture seal zipper, RYOT® Pack and Protect™ has you ready to roll!
  • Smell Safe Travel Case
    This hard-wearing, protective carry case manufactured by Ryot is the ideal carry case for your Vaporizer or vaporizer accessories. The case features an enhanced zipper closure, which provides durable moisture protection, to keep your beloved technology safe and dry in all weather. What's more, it benefits from "Smell Safe" technology, utilising microscopic charcoal particles, which are fused together to create a thin membranous odour-protective barrier, blocking unwanted aromas from escaping.
  • Straight Water Tool Adapter for DaVinci Ascent
    This straight water tool adapter turns your DaVinci Ascent into a portable water vape, allowing you to cool and moisture condition your vapour.
  • U Water Tool Adapter for DaVinci Ascent
    his beautifully crafted custom designed U-shaped water tool adapter allows for hands-free use of your DaVinci Ascent with any water tool, cooling and moisture conditioning your vapour with minimum hassle!
  • Ultimate Vape Tool
    The Ultimate Vape Tool is the result of a painstaking research and development process (involving our own George Vapefiend picking herb out of his grinder) to deliver a tool fit for a multitude of vaporist's needs.
  • Vipes Vape Wipes
    These individually wrapped high-quality alcohol wipes are the ideal solution for keeping your vaporizer clean and fresh, whether travelling, sharing puffs with friends, or doing your regular vape cleanup.
  • Wooden Water Pipe Adapter for DaVinci Ascent
    This beautiful hand-carved wooden water pipe mouthpiece stem, carved from Nicaraguan Cocobolo, is a stunning accessory for your Ascent. It can be used as a mouthpiece stem, but also converts your Ascent for use with any 14mm water tool, such as the 14mm F-Bomb Bubbler, or the Pinnacle Pro Water Tool.
  • Ascent Screen Set
    A spare Screen Set your your Davinci Ascent.
  • Glass Mouthpiece Set for DaVinci Ascent
    This set of one glass mouthpiece and one glass inner tube means you can always be ready to enjoy the fresh, clean, all-glass flavour delivered by your DaVinci Ascent.
  • Oils Jars for DaVinci Ascent
    This spare set of two glass oil jars allows you to vaporize essential oils or blends and waxy concentrates with your DaVinci Ascent.
  • Vaporizer Cleaning Brush Set
    A set of three Storz & Bickel Cleaning Brushes.