Sticky Brick Parts

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  • Honest Micro Torch Lighter
    Honest Micro Gas Torch Lighter is powered by butane, and emits a powerful jet-flame, perfect for use with torch-powered vaporizers like the DynaVap VapCap and the Lotus Vaporizer. Can also be used to torch-clean quartz nails, vapexnails, and Dabbie Pro nails.
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  • Sticky Brick Butter
    Sticky Brick Butter is a finish we cooked up in the lab. Food grade and unscented, easy application with the drip tip squeeze bottle, and this will leave your Sticky Brick devices happy and rejuvenated. Simply apply a few drops, using a soft cloth polish with the grain, wait a few minutes, then wipe off any excess. We recommend doing this once a month, but even once every few months will greatly prolong the life of the wood.
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  • Sticky Brick Junior O-Ring Pack
    Junior O-ring pack contains four replacement o-rings.
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  • Sticky Bricks Junior Bent Flame Intake
    Bent flame intake, made for the Junior but fits all of our products for a slightly different experience. Made from the same heavy wall simax tubing as the rest of our glass, this intake is pretty and durable.
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  • Sticky Brick Junior Glass Mouthpiece
    Replacement bent mouthpiece for the Junior. Made from heavy wall Simax tubing.
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  • Sticky Brick Screens
    6-pack of our 304 stainless steel screens that fit every Sticky device.
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