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Arizer Air/Solo Stealth Whip Adapter

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With this custom-made stealth adaptor, you can attach our 5mm Silicone Tubing to your Solo or Air and use it as a whip, or use your Solo or Air in any setting without having to answer tiresome questions from inquisitive passers-by.

Simply attach your Solo Stealth Adapter in place of the mouthpiece, and you can hide your Solo or Air in any medium or large fast-food drinks cup (at least 16cm/6.3 inches tall), and vaporize your chosen herbs undetected and uninhibited.

Hand made from borosilicate glass by hand, using an original Arizer stem to ensure a perfect factory fit, the Solo Stealth Adaptor includes the High Efficiency hallmarks of our PVHES mouthpieces, such as micro-channel technology for added airflow. 

For safety, carefully dry your fast-food drinks cup and poke lots of ventilation holes in its bottom.
Fill the Stealth Adaptor with herbs as you would your standard mouthpiece.
Insert the Stealth Adaptor into the Solo or Air.
Attach drinking straw or silicone tubing to Stealth Adaptor.
Place Solo or Air into your dried and ventilated fast-food drinks cup.
Attach cup lid over straw.

Please note: Glass is breakable, please use with care.