Spirit Spare Battery - Vapefiend

Spirit Spare Battery


£ 12.00 GBP

A spare or replacement battery for your Spirit by Storm.Some 18650 batteries are too big to fit in the Spirit's battery chamber, and can damage the...

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Arizer Air Spare Battery - Vapefiend

Arizer Air Spare Battery


£ 14.99 GBP

A Spare / Replacement Battery for the Arizer Air

Arizer ArGo / Air 2 Replacement Battery - Vapefiend

Arizer ArGo / Air 2 Replacement Battery


£ 19.00 GBP

A replacement rechargeable battery for your Arizer air 2

Davinci IQ Spare Battery - Vapefiend

Davinci IQ Spare Battery


£ 10.00 GBP

A spare 18650 battery for Davinci IQ Spare Battery

Storm Spare Battery - Vapefiend

Storm Spare Battery


£ 12.00 GBP

A replaceable 18650 battery for your Storm Vaporizer Pen.

Arizer Solo High Capacity Battery - Vapefiend

Arizer Solo High Capacity Battery


£ 39.99 GBP

This high capacity battery for the Arizer Solo Vaporizer boosts your Solo's running time to over 2 hours of continuous use, and can also speed up t...

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Firefly Replacement Battery - Vapefiend

Firefly Replacement Battery


£ 18.00 GBP

A replacement battery for use with the original Firefly as well as the Firefly 2. Charges in 45 Minutes, inside the device or externally using the ...

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Grasshopper Spare Battery (GHB2) - Vapefiend

Grasshopper Spare Battery (GHB2)

Hopper Labs

£ 10.00 GBP

An extra battery doubles your on-the-go runtime. This is the only battery the Grasshopper accepts, so picking up an extra one is a good idea.