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VIPES Premium Vape Wipes - Vapefiend

VIPES Premium Vape Wipes


from £ 0.99 GBP

These individually wrapped high-quality alcohol wipes are the ideal solution for keeping your vaporizer clean and fresh, whether travelling, shari...

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Cleaner No.1 - Vapefiend

Cleaner No.1


£ 3.99 GBP

Cleaner No.1 is the non-toxic, 100 % biological cleaner for vaporizers, grinders and water pipes.

DC Clear Glass Cleaning Solution - Vapefiend

DC Clear Glass Cleaning Solution


from £ 4.99 GBP

Clear Glass Cleaner by Dark Crystal Glass is a shockingly effective, all-natural and non-toxic glass cleaner. Simply soak your bubblers, mouthpiece...

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Glob Mops XL - Vapefiend

Glob Mops XL

Glob Mops

£ 5.00 GBP

New glob mop XL have 3x more cotton than the original v1 mops, I also added an extra 100 mops to the count. There is a total of 300 mops instead of...

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Water Tool Cleaning Plugs - Vapefiend

Water Tool Cleaning Plugs

Easy Flow

£ 8.99 GBP

These high quality silicone plugs make cleaning any water tool a simple task. No matter how intricate your percolaters, you can get them sparkling ...

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Firefly 2 Cleaning Wipes (60 pieces) - Vapefiend

Firefly 2 Cleaning Wipes (60 pieces)


£ 4.50 GBP

These isopropyl alcohol wipes are perfect for quickly the vapor path of your Firefly 2 vaporizer.Box contains 60 alcohol wipes.

DabSponge 6 Pack - Vapefiend

DabSponge 6 Pack


£ 11.99 GBP

The DabSponge is a reusable mop to help clean up your bangers after a dab! it's heat resistant when wet and much better for the environment than di...

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Ghost MV1 Cleaning Kit - Vapefiend

Ghost MV1 Cleaning Kit


£ 9.95 GBP

The Ghost MV1 Cleaning Kit includes: 3 x Stiring picks 3 x 70% isopropyl alcohol wipes 3 x cotton buds