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Silicone Containers & Mats

NoGoo Non-Stick Silicone Containers x 5 - Vapefiend

NoGoo Non-Stick Silicone Containers x 5


£ 8.99 GBP

These NoGoo nonstick silicone containers are ideal for storing oils, concentrates and small amounts of herbs safely, without any risk of the conta...

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Dabbie Silicone Pot - Vapefiend

Dabbie Silicone Pot


£ 1.65 GBP

A Dabbie Silicone Pot to keep your waxes and essential oils in.

Oil Slick Slab - Vapefiend

Oil Slick Slab

Oil Slick

£ 59.00 GBP

Protect your glass tools, and reclaim lost concentrates. Handle the stickiest extracts with ease, and never lose a dab to your table again! Featuri...

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Oil Slick Sheet (PTFE) - Vapefiend

Oil Slick Sheet (PTFE)


£ 19.95 GBP

A disposable alternative to parchment paper; the Slick™ Sheet is a laboratory grade PTFE film. Slick Sheet is 100% Resistant to Non-Polar Solvents ...

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NoGoo Large Plate - Vapefiend

NoGoo Large Plate


£ 14.99 GBP

From the creators of the much loved NoGoo Silicone Storage Containers, this large plate is 20cm(8") in diameter, and is ideal for all of your nonst...

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NoGoo Deep Dish - Vapefiend

NoGoo Deep Dish


£ 17.50 GBP

From the creators of the hugely successful NoGoo Silicone Storage Containers, this 20cm (8") square nonstick dish is good for all of your nonstick...

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XL Platinum Cured NoGoo mat - Vapefiend

XL Platinum Cured NoGoo mat


£ 39.99 GBP

This XL Platinum Cured NoGoo® mat is large enough for all your nonstick needs, measuring 3ft x 2ft.

Cookies "Extendo" Jar - Vapefiend

Cookies "Extendo" Jar

Cookies SF

£ 9.99 GBP

Cookies "Extendo" Jar with silicone sleeve.   Available in Black or Smoke

Oil Slick Pad - Vapefiend

Oil Slick Pad

Oil Slick

£ 14.50 GBP

Completely non-stick, the Slick Pad is the perfect surface for handling your precious extracts and protecting your glass toolsIt’s the perfect surf...

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Cruz Culture Nail Crown - Vapefiend

Cruz Culture Nail Crown

Cruz Culture

from £ 19.99 GBP

The Nail Crown is a safety product for handling hot objects. Great for quickly slipping your hot ti or quartz nails into while on the go. Made of p...

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