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Boundless 3 in 1 Water Pipe Adapter - Vapefiend

Boundless 3 in 1 Water Pipe Adapter


£ 14.99 GBP

A 3 in one male adapter capable of coupling a Boundless CFV, CF or CFX to 10mm, 14mm and 18mm Female glass joints.   Please Note: Take care when us...

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Boundless CFV Vaporizer - Vapefiend
Save £ 10.00 GBP

Boundless CFV Vaporizer


£ 139.99 GBP
£ 129.99 GBP

The Boundless CFV, a convection airflow aromatherapy device that allows a customizable user experience. Featuring interchangeable heat retention ri...

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Boundless CFX Replacement Mouthpiece - Vapefiend

Boundless CFX Replacement Mouthpiece


£ 13.99 GBP

A replacement mouthpiece for your Boundless Cfx Vaporizer. The Narrow design of the mouthpiece and cooling chamber ensures maximum comfort during u...

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Boundless CFX Vaporizer - Vapefiend

Boundless CFX Vaporizer


£ 149.99 GBP

Features Battery: Dual lithium-Ion batteries Temperature range: 40°C - 220°C, fully adjustable temperature Power: 100-240v (will work in any cou...

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Boundless Concentrate Pod - Vapefiend

Boundless Concentrate Pod


£ 4.99 GBP

This little pod allows you to enjoy tasty herbal concentrates in your Boundless CFX or Cf Vaporizers. Its 100% re-usable, simply clean it out with ...

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Micro-USB Power Cable - Vapefiend

Micro-USB Power Cable


£ 2.99 GBP

1 Metre high-quality Power Cable for your Alfa, Crafty, Storm, Spirit, IQ, CFV, CFX, CFC, Dabstorm 2.0, Dabbie, and many other vaporizer brands.