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f-Bomb Jet Diffused Micro Water Tool (18mm)

£ 79.00 GBP

The f-Bomb Jet Diffused Micro Water Tool Tube takes moisture conditioning the vapour from your Arizer Solo, Pinnacle Pro, Launch Box or HerbalAire to the next level, and in a compact and convenient size. 

Simply combine it with our Arizer Solo High Efficiency Water Pipe Adapter (PVHEGonG) or the DaVinci Ascent Straight Water Tool Adapter to convert your Arizer Solo or DaVinci Ascent into a high-performance water vaporizer. You can also use it with the Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer, Launch Box Water Pipe Whip, or anything with a 14.4mm or 18.8mm male glass-on-glass joint!