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Water Tool Cleaning Plugs

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These high quality silicone plugs make cleaning any water tool a simple task. No matter how intricate your percolaters, you can get them sparkling clean in minutes.

Simply plug one end with an appropriately sized plug, then either fill with DC Clear Cleaning Solution, or pour a small amount of Ispopropyl Alcohol and about a teaspoon of salt into your water tool. Plug the other end with another plug, and shake gently for 10-15 minutes. When it all looks clean, remove the plugs and give it a thorough rinse with warm water. Your tool will be good as new!

Please make sure that all alcohol is rinsed off or evaporated dry before using water tool. Please do not force the bungs too deeply into your glass as this will make them difficult to remove.

Each set contains 8 plugs in 4 different sizes, they can be used either way around for different sizes and styles of water tool.