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Dabstorm Accessories & Parts

Dabstorm 2.0 - 2.5 Ceramic Heating Bowl - Vapefiend

Dabstorm 2.0 - 2.5 Ceramic Heating Bowl


£ 9.99 GBP

A replacement ceramic heating bowl for your Dabstorm 2.0 - 2.5. This is not compatible with the Dabstorm pen.The Dabstorm bowl is a consumable part...

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Dabstorm Ceramic Rod Dab Pen - Vapefiend

Dabstorm Ceramic Rod Dab Pen


£ 24.99 GBP

Dabstorm is a high-quality variable voltage ceramic dab pen designed to deliver the tastiest, cleanest and most powerful vapour hits from oils and ...

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Dabstorm 2.1 Atomizer - Vapefiend

Dabstorm 2.1 Atomizer


from £ 29.99 GBP

The power and flavour from Dabstorm 2.1's fully enclosed ceramic heating bowl is something that has to be tried to be believed! This new and improv...

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Dabstorm Variable Voltage Battery - Vapefiend

Dabstorm Variable Voltage Battery


£ 5.00 GBP

A spare standard variable voltage battery for the Dabstorm.   (Battery only, atomizer and mouthpiece not included)

Dabstorm 2.0 Glass Mouthpiece - Vapefiend

Dabstorm 2.0 Glass Mouthpiece


£ 4.99 GBP

A replacement borosilicate glass cover and mouthpiece for your Dabstorm 2.0.

Dabstorm 2.5 Battery Mod - Vapefiend
Save £ 10.00 GBP

Dabstorm 2.5 Battery Mod


£ 34.99 GBP
£ 24.99 GBP

The awesome Dabstorm 2.5 Battery Mod delivers great verstility for powerful vapour hits whether you're using the Dabstorm 2.5 atomizer or your own ...

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Dabstorm 2.0 Glass Water Tool - Vapefiend

Dabstorm 2.0 Glass Water Tool

Easy Flow

£ 19.99 GBP

Dabstorm 2.0 Glass Water Tool

Dabstorm 1 Liquid Tank - Vapefiend

Dabstorm 1 Liquid Tank


£ 11.99 GBP

Dabstorm 1 Clearomizer Tank with Adjustable AirflowNot suitable for use with Dabstorm 2 and above

Dabstorm Glass-Tipped Mouthpiece - Vapefiend

Dabstorm Glass-Tipped Mouthpiece


£ 7.50 GBP

A replacement or spare Dabstorm Glass Tipped Mouthpiece, for the original Dabstorm pen.

Micro-USB Power Cable - Vapefiend

Micro-USB Power Cable


£ 2.99 GBP

1 Metre high-quality Power Cable for your Alfa, Crafty, Storm, Spirit, IQ, CFV, CFX, CFC, Dabstorm 2.0, Dabbie, and many other vaporizer brands.

Dabstorm 2.5 Atomizer O-Rings x2 - Vapefiend

Dabstorm 2.5 Atomizer O-Rings x2


£ 1.99 GBP

A set of replacement O-Rings for your Dabstorm 2.0/2.1/2.5 Atomizer

Clearance Dabstorm 2.0 Atomizer - Vapefiend

Clearance Dabstorm 2.0 Atomizer


from £ 29.99 GBP

<p>This original model Dabstorm 2.0 Atomizer works great- but we improved the design recently, so we have reduced this old stock to clear. Th...

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Dabstorm Charger - Vapefiend

Dabstorm Charger


£ 7.95 GBP

A replacement or Spare Charger for your Dabstorm.